Trust & Administrative Services

An Experienced Guide

Trust and Administrative Services

An Experienced Guide

Among the most important, and often most difficult, decisions you will face is naming the executor of your estate and the trustees to manage your financial legacy into the future. Family dynamics are complicated and the extent of an estate can be challenging to manage effectively.

To meet this vital need, Minot Wealth Management offers professional, administrative trustee services for our clients. Among the benefits of working with a Minot fiduciary administrative trustee are:

  • Professional knowledge and decades of experience to manage the complexities of your holdings.
  • Administrative objectivity avoids family conflicts, favoritism, or suboptimal compromises, allowing your trustee to make the right decisions that are aligned with your wishes and market realities.
  • Proper management of fiduciary administrative tasks including income and principal distributions, accounting and recordkeeping, preparation and filing of federal and state tax returns.
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Minot Wealth professionals will serve as your trusted, objective advisor, making sure that your family and the institutions you may support will benefit from your legacy.