Investment Advisory Services

Investment Advisory Services

Minot Wealth Management is an active, strategic partner, driving an investment strategy tailored to each client’s specific goals.

Our investment philosophy is grounded in reality. We build portfolios focused on mitigating losses in poor markets by limiting downside volatility and compounding long-term wealth by investing across multiple asset classes. We have an open architecture framework that allows us to select best-in-class independent investments that are aligned with clients’ goals and intents.

We build investment strategies based on the following Five Pillars.

  • Simplicity

    A clear understanding of every investment in the portfolio. We avoid expensive and unnecessarily complex investments.

  • Liquidity

    While every client’s circumstances are unique, sufficient liquidity is universally important. You’ll need liquidity most when you least expect to, so your balance sheet needs an appropriate allocation in cash equivalents, based on your cash-flow requirements.

  • Income

    Generating incremental income reduces volatility in portfolios and provides flexibility to invest in new opportunities or meet cash-flow needs without selling assets in the portfolio. We use fixed income coupon payments, dividends, income producing real estate and option overlay strategies to generate income and compound client wealth faster.

  • Tax Efficiency

    We analyze the after-tax impact of each investment. We are diligent in identifying opportunities to harvest tax losses that offset gains in other areas of your portfolio. This approach limits tax implications while reaping the gains of the broader market.

  • Reasonable Fees

    We work only for our clients and we are compensated by a single advisory fee based on assets under management. There is complete transparency, no hidden fees.

As independent fiduciary advisors, we are legally obligated to do what is in your best interest. We are not conflicted by proprietary products, fee concessions, and there are no commissions. We have the flexibility to leverage the right investments to align with our clients’ goals.